March Wet Canvas Challenge

I am being brave this month and have volunteered to host the Different Strokes challenge on Wet Canvas. It’s a great website that I really enjoy using and have learnt a lot from the other artists. The challenge is set out below – why don’t you have a go too?

This month’s challenge is:

“The Forgotten Colour”

We all have one somewhere.

A lonely, unloved and forgotten tube of paint at the bottom of our paintbox. It could be a vibrant purple or pink that came in a set that has never been used, a golden green we bought that just doesn’t look right in any landscape, or a metallic impulse buy that has never really worked the way we wanted.

This month’s challenge is to dust off that tube and use some of it up!

You can also make use of white to tint and black to shade, but please remember this is essentially a single colour challenge.

To get you started, try googling ‘monochromatic paintings’, or imagining how some of your favourite paintings would look if they had been done in just one colour.

There is no set subject matter this month – feel free to paint anything that takes your fancy, but I would encourage you to resist painting something you think fits your forgotten colour – challenge yourself to juxtapose your subject and colour – paint a classic vintage car in hot pink, a portrait in purple or a still life in silver – no landscapes in green! Most of all – have fun! Enjoy rummaging through your paints and giving a forgotten colour the chance to shine!

Here is my response to the challenge – a still life of what some people may regard as typically ‘masculine’ items, painted in a colour stereotypically associated with women.

Pink 1Pink 2Pink 3

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