I am being brave again this month and hosting the Wet Canvas Different Strokes Challenge on the acrylics forum.

This month’s challenge focuses on the dark art of foreshortening!

As I’m sure you all know, foreshortening is the term given to that wonderful optical illusion of perspective that distorts how we draw and paint objects that are very close to the viewer.

This month’s challenge is to produce a painting where the main subject is foreshortened.

Any object can be foreshortened, often with dramatic results. We’ve all seen those photos of  a cow or dog with their nose to the camera lens, or tall buildings that recede up into the sky at impossibly narrow angles. Even the old Uncle Sam ‘I want you ‘ poster has a great example of a foreshortened pointing finger :-).

The reason we all find foreshortening so tricky is because our logical left brain tries to correct what we draw with what it thinks/knows the object should look like – do not be tempted to listen to it!! Trust in your right brain, switch off the autocorrect and paint EXACTLY what you see – not what you think you see.

So go for it! Bring on the drama and fill that canvas!

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