Have Paint Will Travel

Having all our family back home in Wales, I spend a lot of time away from the ‘studio’ of the spare bedroom and living in various parent’s houses. While it is lovely to see everyone that we miss, it does take up a lot of painting time – especially if you miss out on one weekend in four.

To help keep my painting on track and enable me to still paint wherever I am, I made myself a pochade box. These nifty boxes (and there are tons to look at if you google them) are miniature studios and make travelling or painting plein air much simpler.

Here is how I made mine!
A couple of Christmases ago, my dad bought me a painting set that came in this strong wooden box.

I used some of my left over floor trim and some wood glue to create a bracket on the back to stop the box opening too far. This means the lid, once opened, rests on the bracket so I can use the inside like an easel.

I added more floor trim to the inside to create compartments for my paints, brushes and pencils, and a little bit in the lid to hold the canvas.

I then carved a small channel in the wood to allow an A4 piece of glass to fit on top of the compartments, which also keeps all the bits in place when the box is closed and being transported!
(yes, that is the baby’s hand trying to take a tube of paint!)

While I can’t take my bigger wip (works in progress) with me, it does mean that I can at least get some practise in while I’m away and can usually fit a couple of canvas boards into the box too.

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