Life and drawing

Selling your house and moving home has many challenges, but the impact on art and time for creativity is significant. Between chasing solicitors, raising my son, frantic packing, chasing solicitors, putting everything into storage, chasing solicitors, moving in with my in-laws and chasing solicitors, there’s been little time left to paint.

Life drawing classes have been a great way to keep some drawing practice up while I’m unable to paint and take a couple of hours for creative expression amidst the chaos. It’s a quick, no fuss solution with a definite start and finish that satisfies the creative itch without the guilt of an unfinished project.

Here are a few sketches from the recent classes I’ve been to, with the time the pose was held for:

5 min poses
5 min poses
30 min pose
30 min pose


I’d recommend life drawing classes for anyone serious about their art and honing their craft. The good news is that the house is now sold and so it will soon be time to break out the paint!

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