My Space


Let me lead you through a closed door to a corner of the bedroom that is now my mini ‘studio’.

WP_20160401_006 (2)


It has one window that isn’t north facing as coveted by so many artists. Instead, I have a lighting set up that allows me to make the most of any free time I have to paint – whatever the weather or time of night. The lamps I am using are two E27 80W 5500K daylight bulbs.  Lighting can be a tricky issue for artists, as the temperature of the light (warm or cool, not how hot they are!) can dramatically affect the perception of the colours you are painting with. The wonderful Will Kemp has done all the hard work for us and researched lighting for studios in great detail – have a look at his fantastic article here

WP_20160406_005 WP_20160401_010

I love keeping all my canvases close to hand on top of my desk. On the left are completed paintings and on the right are in progress or new and unwrapped. The large ones at the back are for a series of five paintings that I’m planning – they are still in the early stages of prep sheets and reference photos, but hopefully I’ll have more to share on those in a couple of months.

WP_20160401_009 (2)   WP_20160401_007 (2)

Vertical storage on the left is great for all my sketch pads and acrylic paper – I’ve also used the bottom rung for masking tape and toilet paper – I use lots of paper when painting for cleaning brushes, spills or scrunching up and adding texture, and this keeps it close at hand. The drawers underneath hold all my tubes of paint and mediums, grouped by warm, cool, earth and black and white. I have my brushes and essential pens, pencils and charcoal pencils on my right. The sci-fi teacup coaster is by a talented artist I know called Andy Bigwood. You can check out his work on DeviantArt here. I also use a Wacom Bamboo tablet and pen instead of a regular mouse.


On the shelves you may recognise my pochade box from an earlier blog post, my stay wet palette and one of my Filofaxes. (It’s an a5 electric blue Finsbury if you’re curious) Underneath are some of the vases I use for water, my water mister, Filofax supplies and a sneaky little tardis (they get everywhere in this house!)

WP_20160401_008 (2)

Finally, is inspiration corner – a little place next to me that I can stare at in those moments of daydreaming to remind myself of some of the artists and places that I love. I plan to keep adding to it over the next few months.

So, that’s the grand tour of my little ‘studio’ area. If you enjoyed having a little peak into where some of the creativity takes shape, you might like to read this thread on Wet Canvas, where other artists have shared their workspaces too.

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