Watercolour Woes

It’s not often I get a good few hours in a row to paint, but last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to a painting class and doing just that. It was a watercolour painting class for all abilities, lead by a very talented local artist Bryan Shambler. I’ve seen his work in local galleries and cafés and even have one at home on the wall 🙂 So, when the chance came to attend one of his painting classes I went for it.

It was a very enjoyable day, reminded me of a lot of watercolour techniques that I had forgotten about and gave me some good colour mixing practice. But it also reminded me that I am definitely not a natural watercolour artist – the reason? I’m too impatient!

Even with a hair dryer to hand, watercolour washes take a good while to dry – if you go over them too soon everything bleeds into each other, and softening an edge while still damp is a skill that demands the gentlest touch. Bryan is somehow able to capture the beautiful light and translucency that a skilled watercolourist can, while I feel my attempts started out as pale dull washes and got gradually muddier as the painting progressed!

Below is my finished painting – normal acrylic service will be resumed next time! ;o)



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