My latest painting is a bit of a palette cleanser (pun intended).

I wanted to try out a few glazing techniques to build up a rich depth of colour (and an excuse to break open a delicious new tube of burnt umber). I seem to have driven past a lot of cars hidden under tarpaulin lately and am always intrigued about what is underneath.

The main issue I had with the glazing fluid is that it leaves a light gloss finish wherever you use it. To stop the tarpaulin looking strangely matt in comparison I had to paint a wash of glazing fluid on top, but building up the translucent layers of burnt umber was a joy.

It’s taken me a while to decide if this painting with its simple composition was finished, but sometimes less is more.

Acrylic on canvas 14″ x 18″

(You may or may not be able to tell, but it’s an MGB underneath the covers. One of my very favourite cars.)

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