Will I see you there?

Happy summer lovely people! (What do you mean it’s raining again?!)

July looks set to be a wonderfully arty time – I’m hoping to go to a couple of life drawing classes this month at Carnegie House. It’s ages since I went and I could really do with the practice.

Then on the 23rd July I will be taking part in the Art Challenge Wales competition. Based in Porthcawl, this is the second year the event has taken place, where artists of all media and skill levels are invited to create a piece of art from scratch in just one day! I’m really excited about the challenge and looking forward to some serious consecutive hours of painting too. I’ve not had much opportunity to take part in plein air painting before, so there will be lots of technical challenges (such as my acrylic paint drying out too quickly, what kit to pack) as well as the time restriction.

On Sunday 24th I will be visiting Upfest in Bristol and taking part in a graffiti workshop. Given that my latest series of paintings “The Urban Faeries” are all set in Bristol and contain a lot of street art within the paintings, it will be great to finally get my hands on a some spray cans and practise my newly designed tag!

So – will I see any of you at these events? If so, tap me on the shoulder and say hello!

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