2016 Retrospective 

Back in January, I sat down with a big cup of tea, some chocolate and my Filofax and wrote a list of things I would like to achieve with my art.

Here is that list:

So, how did I do? Well, I’m pleased to say that despite moving house and being a full time mum to a busy toddler, I can tick off more than half of the items on that list!
I’ve learned so much this year. I took the plunge and joined Facebook! I entered my first ever painting competition which was also against the clock, had my first stall at a craft fair and exhibited my work in public at BristolCon.

Perhaps the most exciting and satisfying thing to tick off was selling my paintings. I started selling postcards, prints and original paintings in September and have sold 5 original paintings this year. This just about paid for the most recent batch of prints and paint that I bought – for the first time ever my art actually paid for itself!

There are still plenty of things to strive for and I’m already looking forward to writing next years list and seeing what adventures that may bring. I hope you will join me on the exciting journey ahead.

Until then, I hope you enjoy whichever holiday/festival you choose to celebrate and here’s to a happy and healthy new year.


Gem xxx

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