The Litter Faerie

The final faerie is complete!! Feast your eyes on the Litter Faerie, our final in the series of five.

The Litter Faerie

A ray of hope in the morning sun, our young litter faerie perches on a wheelie bin and gazes towards the coming day. Although surrounded by the discarded items of everyday life, the youthful optimism shines through on her face.

Intended to be the first in the series – each painting following the progression of the day to night – she is the most forward looking of the five and hopefully an auspicious faerie to finish painting the series on.

To see the rest of the paintings and read all about the inspiration behind the concept of the series as well as the real life locations in Bristol, check out the Urban Faerie Gallery Page.

So, once I’ve properly photographed, varnished, ordered prints to purchase here and framed them, it will be onto the next project! I have a very exciting collaboration with my husband Neil coming up – a complete departure from anything I’ve done before, so watch this space…..

And now, if you’ll excuse me – I have a long-awaited box of chocolates to devour that he gave me and I have kept myself from opening until the last painting was completed!


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  1. Laura Harrison says:

    Congratulations! I bet it’s a bitter sweet departure from your faeries, a beautiful body of work produced, now to look forward to a new adventure!


    1. artistgemma says:

      Thanks Laura, it is a little sad, but also a relief to finish this series. But I have the next series all planned out and am very excited to get started on it!


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