The Graffiti Faerie

Our Graffiti Faerie is caught in the act of producing her street art. Looking over her shoulder, as some street artists have to do if they don’t have a spotter, her gaze is defiant – daring us to challenge her art and actions. Strong midday sun shines on the colourful and chaotic canvas of graffiti and street art around her.

Of all of my Urban Faerie paintings, this one has been the most demanding. I actually started this one first out of the five, and it is the penultimate one to be completed. The more observant may spot some crossover graffiti and street art from the other paintings in the series. There is a suggestion of high rise faerie, graffiti from the neon and diesel faeries and a hint of the litter faerie, which is coming soon….stay tuned!


The Diesel Faerie

Introducing The Diesel Faerie, the second of the five Urban Faeries.


Acrylic on Canvas 20″ x 30″

I have also put a time lapse of this painting on my facebook page to give you a little  insight into my process – check it out HERE

The remaining three Urban Faeries are still in progress, but I’m working hard to complete them in time to exhibit at Bristolcon in three weeks. If you happen to be in Bristol at the convention on the 28th October, please do pop along and say hi. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of my latest painting!