Bristol bound and inked out

October has been brilliantly busy for me, with Inktober through the month and finishing with Bristolcon at the end. It was a wonderful event, and as well as selling some paintings and postcards, my colourful stall even had a mention in a few people’s blogs! (Thank you Sophie and Thomas). To finally see all 5 of the Urban Faerie paintings hanging together in the very city that inspired them gave me a great sense of achievement which has left me creatively fired up to get started on my next series in the new year. Masses of love and thanks to everyone who helped make it possible by babysitting, driving, carrying canvases, chatting to me, buying art and supporting me.








I tried my best to take part in Inktober this year, but with varying degrees of productivity. I caught a cold, various members of my family got ill and life generally happened. I’m not going to say that I failed it though – even though there are some artists out there that insist if you don’t complete an ink drawing a day you’re not doing it right. I completed a total of 5 ink portraits: one of Aidan Turner as Poldark, one of David Bowie as Jareth and a triptych of David Bowie eyes.  The original paintings of Bowie’s eyes I had beautifully framed and sold at Bristolcon – I don’t call that a failure! If you’d like to have a look at the paintings, or download a digital version of them for yourself, you can find them on my Etsy store  You’ll also find some beautiful prints of the 5 Urban Faeries paintings on there too, and to celebrate their arrival, I’m offering free UK postage on them until next year.

So what’s next? Well I’m finally getting back to work on the comic book that I’m illustrating, which was written by Neil, and then after that, I will begin photographing my models in preparation for my next series. I’m very nervous excited about this series – I can’t say too much about it at this stage, but I think it might divide people like marmite! There will be a total of 7 paintings in the series and as with a lot of my art, they will explore our relationships with ourselves, environment and each other. It is my hope these paintings will invite the viewer to question the things we do, things we don’t do and what type of relationships they think they are seeing. Stay tuned!



The Litter Faerie

The final faerie is complete!! Feast your eyes on the Litter Faerie, our final in the series of five.


The Litter Faerie

A ray of hope in the morning sun, our young litter faerie perches on a wheelie bin and gazes towards the coming day. Although surrounded by the discarded items of everyday life, the youthful optimism shines through on her face.

Intended to be the first in the series – each painting following the progression of the day to night – she is the most forward looking of the five and hopefully an auspicious faerie to finish painting the series on.

To see the rest of the paintings and read all about the inspiration behind the concept of the series as well as the real life locations in Bristol, check out the Urban Faerie Gallery Page.

So, once I’ve properly photographed, varnished, ordered prints to purchase here and framed them, it will be onto the next project! I have a very exciting collaboration with my husband Neil coming up – a complete departure from anything I’ve done before, so watch this space…..

And now, if you’ll excuse me – I have a long-awaited box of chocolates to devour that he gave me and I have kept myself from opening until the last painting was completed!


Competition Time – UPDATED

The competition has now closed and the lucky winner is…..



Congratulations Sarah!


It’s time for a competition!

I’ve taken the plunge and have added a page to my website where you can buy prints, postcards and originals of my artwork. To celebrate the launch of my new online store, I would really love to send a free 10″ x 12″ print and a pack of 6 postcards to one of you. All you have to do to enter is tell me which of my paintings on my Gallery page is your favourite and why. Doesn’t have to be an essay – just a few words/lines will do 🙂
Comment below, or  contact me on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

Deadline for entry into the competition is May 3rd (midnight GMT). After that I will put names in a hat and randomly select one on May 4th. I will post a short video of me drawing the winning name below, and contact the winner to find out their preferred print and postal address.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the Gallery and Shop and Good Luck!



The Neon Faerie

She’s finally here!


The Neon Faerie

It’s taken a while but I hope you agree she’s been worth the wait. Sitting in a nightclub doorway,  our neon faerie matches the viewer with a steady gaze. Guardian-like, yet in stockinged feet, in a dark alleyway that would usually be fearful for women alone, she is quietly confident – her inner strength is a comforting, shining light in the growing darkness around her. The location of the painting is inspired by Leonard Lane in Bristol. If you’d like to know more about the locations of the five Urban Faeries, check out their Gallery page. Feel free to ask me anything about the series in the comments below.



Detail – The Neon Faerie

In other news, I’ve been doing a few practice portrait studies of the two remaining faeries. Although these 5″ x 7″ head studies are much larger than the size the faeries will be portrayed in the finished paintings, they are still excellent practice. I definitely know these faces well now, and am hoping that will help to make the Graffiti and Litter Faerie paintings even better.


The Litter Faerie – study on 5″ x 7″ canvas board

I originally posted this portrait on Instagram, so if you’re not already following me there, please do. The Graffiti Faerie will be posted there soon too, along with other little work in progress shots now and again.

Until next month my friends!

New Year, New Look

Regular readers may notice a new look to my website. I thought it was high time to have a redesign and hopefully you will find it easier to use and prettier to look at. I’ve updated my gallery section, including a new page for the Urban Faeries series that explains more about them and gives you a sneak preview of the forthcoming paintings – go check it out! The other good news is that when testing of the shop area is finished you will be able to buy prints and postcards from this new site – more on this soon.

As part of the redesign, I’m also able to post videos, so in case you missed it on my Facebook page, here’s a time-lapse video of The Diesel Faerie painting taking shape from start to finish.


Alice, you’re in demand…..

A few weeks ago, my mum pushed me towards a gallery hidden away in the shopping centre we were wandering around and said I should pop in and have a chat. (thanks mum!) Turns out that when you are a bit shy, a nudge in the right direction can work wonders :o)

The gallery is the Stephen Oliver gallery in the Orchards Shopping Centre in Dartford and is holding an exhibition to celebrate the 150th birthday of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. I’m lucky enough to have an old and very battered copy that belonged to my grandmother and read it over and over as a child. The gallery is calling for all local artists/ sculptors/ photographers/ crafters etc. to contribute to the exhibition and also enjoy the chance to have their work displayed in a gallery.


What a great opportunity to get involved in a local project, support a local gallery and have your work seen by a wider audience. I’m in the process of creating a painting to submit and will write another blog post to show you the finished article when it is completed.

If you would like to get involved too, then check out  I hope you are inspired to take part with me!