The Urban Faeries

The High Rise Faerie
The Diesel Faerie


About the Urban Faeries

The Litter Faerie was the first to appear. With wings like ragged bin bags, trapped on the spindly branches of a tree, ripped into lace.

What started as an idea one lonely afternoon in London, has grown and travelled across the country with me. The Graffiti Faerie really helped to make the series a reality. Living in London for so long and missing the countryside and hills of home, I tried to look for a little magic in the urban setting. Just like the flower faeries of Mary Cecily Barker, I imagined the faeries as being of their environment, of concrete and diesel instead of holly and hawthorn.

Moving back west to Wales and researching the Graffiti Faerie, I stumbled upon the street art scene of Bristol. The more I researched, the more fascinated I’ve become with these secretive and talented artists. They flit quietly around the city at dusk without fanfare or ceremony, leaving art in their wake. They are the real urban faeries. Wherever they go, these hidden artists leave behind them a little magic.

This lead me to include graffiti and street art in each painting, linking the real and the magical. It also led to me setting each painting within the city of Bristol – a bridge between the overwhelmingly urban landscape of London that I was leaving, and the magical destination of my home country of Wales. The paintings all have a slight decay about them, reflecting the decay of my relationship with London and move to the west. Bristol is a great blend of urban and rural in places, my halfway house.

I hope that my paintings help you to see the magic and beauty in the everyday, and look at your local urban landscape with different eyes.